Trendscape Summer 19/20 Interior Trends have been released! The report is 54 pages and talks to three key themes for the season based on global & local research, including many observations from Milan Design Week.

Having worked as design leader and product developer in a super fast paced industry I understand the importance of a trend report that can quickly be interpreted and applied into commercial solutions.

Each theme is broken down into mood, colour palette, colour usage, print and pattern, key materials, shapes and finishes. Ending with examples of commercial directions for homewares and interiors. I’ve always believed that everything starts with colour and have paid particular attention to colour usage and breaking down full palettes into workable mini palettes.

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate or connect please drop me an email.

Fluid FutUre

Trendscape Fluid Future.png
Trendscape Fluid Future Mood Board.png
Trendscape Fluid Future Colour.png


Trendscape Sunny Side.png
Trendscape Sunny Side Mood Board.png
Trendscape Sunny Side Colour.png


Trendscape Life Connect.png
Trendscape Life Connect Mood Board.png
Trendscape Life Connect Colour.png