One of the most amazing things about Milan Design Week was the access to some of the city's palazzos. What an incredible thing to be able to see! Baroque palazzos filled with music, contemporary design and concepts for the future. 

Palazzo Clerici was a spectacular backdrop for HAY, SONOS and WeWork. Despite the incredible opulence of the palazzo, the installations worked harmoniously within the spaces to "celebrate the past while evolving for the future". Music provided by SONOS made this a completely immersive and very cool experience. 

Gubi presented much of it's existing range at Palazzo Serbelloni. The spectacular space would often swallow the installation however I found the  contrast of minimalist vs maximalist very beautiful. 

Palazzo Bovara played host to Elle Decor Italia's ON LIFE Millennials at Home. We waited over half an hour to get in, it was the end of the day and aperitivo was just around the corner so it was ok! 

It was definitely worth the wait, I loved this concept - it was a thoughtful illustration of living across the generations under the one roof. A beautifully curated mix of intuitive technology, adaptable spaces, day dream rooms and of course selfie stations. 

Trend wise I felt this was one of the strongest spaces as it covered many of the key colours, finishes, materials and concepts that appeared across the week all under the one roof. Milan Mini trend updates coming soon!