When I think of Travertine I’m taken back to memories of my 80’s childhood and “The Good Room”. If you’re European you’ll know what I’m talking about! You know the room? Velvet furniture, lots of tassels, all the best oversized family portraits and a huge brutalist travertine coffee table with crystal bowls full of wrapped sweets we’d sneak in to steal!

As we are shifting into a world where we want to feel more connected to our surroundings, the warm tones, natural imperfections and soft tactility of Travertine are fast making it a material of choice for designers and stylists. Even I’ve got a giant Travertine tile that I love using as a background for still life photography!

Travertine was one of the key call out materials in the Trendscape Winter 19 report and has continued to the Trendscape Summer 20 Report. I feel it works back beautifully with the warm tones of the Life Connect colour palette.

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