Exploring Milan Design Week Fuorisalone sometimes felt like we were walking around in circles to get to see everything on my very detailed three page list. I feel I did quite well for the first time, however I don't know what I would've done without Google Maps and my very patient partner.

I was pretty familiar with Milan before but now feel like I know it like a local (well almost)! Being able to explore spaces and buildings I've walked past so many times was a fantastic way of getting to know one of my favourite cities and sometimes spirit home much more intimately. 

Marni is one of my favourite fashion houses and my go to for colour inspiration. Every year I've watched MDW from afar I've always been excited by Marni's installation so finally being able to experience it myself was a major highlight.

This year they presented 'Las Veredas' a celebration of South American communities complete with soundtrack and papier-mâché beaded chickens. It was a fun, relaxed colourful immersive space full of goofy sculptures and hand woven furniture and baskets in their signature bold colour combinations. 

Eponimo presented "Spring Variations". Architect Giovanni Cagnato designed a series of 'suggestive rooms' in a bold palette with a strong slightly masculine mid-century vibe.

Dimore Studio presented three different installations. I only made it to 'Perfettamente Imperfetto'!  The crowds were too intense that sometimes we needed to cut our loses and keep moving!

I loved the entrance which again had that feeling of being in the past and future at the same time. Rooms were draped in white billowing plastic sheeting (possibly giving it a slightly Dexter 'kill room vibe') each showcasing a single piece of furniture.  There was an interesting focus on mixed materials such as high shine lacquer, brass, bamboo, velvet and foam.

Nitto Group presented HARU stuck-on-design in the vaults of Ventura Centrale showcasing their range of adhesive decorative tapes that "grants your wishes by letting you attach color to things". Colour stories told by artists made for a very playful and whimsical space.

Also at Ventura Centrale, Baars & Bloemhoff created 'Transitions III' featuring the work of Bart Joachim van Uden, Christian Heikoop, Floris Wubben, Job van der Berg, Mae Engelgeer and Studio Truly Truly who reimagined the company's finishes and materials. The super fun neon pink light filled vault was easily one of my favourites.  

So we made it to Rosanna Orlandi but the crowd was so crazy that was almost impossible to actually see anything! One of the spaces that I could get into was 'softwear' a collaboration between global trend forecaster Li Edelkoort, designer Kiki van Eijk and Google's design studio. The presence of tech brands is quite new for MDW but makes sense given its something that is so integrated into our lives. 

In 1998 Edelkoort "concepualised Softwear, a lifestyle that would blend with technology, where the two were so harmonised that they became interwoven into the everyday". Twenty years later and here we are!

Kiki van Eijk was invited to create six textile pieces that encapsulated the essence of 'softwear' based on miniature still lifes of hand-cut fabrics including Google's materials. The collages were then photographed, enlarged and woven on a jacquard loom.

The exhibition also included "elements from a domestic interior to illustrate Google's thoughtfully designed vision of the fusion of technology and lifestyle"